Thurs Threads Challenge o1.25.18


Prompt: “You should come with a warning sound.”

I watched her from the doorway as she danced around the kitchen, eating ice cream from the bowl in her hands as music blared from the stereo system. Her t-shirt slowly creeping up her hips as she moved, revealing her very sexy black lace underwear. Her pale legs and petite bare feet propelled her across the floor. There were definitely worse creatures I could be existing with.

I appeared in front of her as she went to take another step. She screamed and jumped backwards, losing the bowl of ice cream in her hands.

“Damn it, Armani!” She yelled, as I set the bowl on the island counter next to us. 

The expression on her face changed from surprise to her usual natural fiery spark. 
“You should come with a warning sound.” She added.

I pulled her into me and looked down at her, “Yeah? I think you like it.” 

She shook her head and tried not to smile. She always did this when she didn’t want to admit that I was right. 

I pivoted quick on my feet and brought her back against the the counter, the bowl of ice cream flying off and smashing against the floor — I wasn’t catching that — I held her against the counter as she looked up at me. I leaned down, letting my lips brush hers before pulling away. She quietly protested. 

“No warning sound, my blood is in you, it connects us…you should use it.” I said before disappearing from the kitchen.


From the judge, Tina Glasneck:

What an intense 249 words! You made every word count with enticing the reader to read more. It was a natural hook that made me want to read more, and to learn more about Armani. I want to read this now!


#ThursThreads o5.11.17

thursthreads_5Prompt: “Don’t say much, do you?”

My flash fiction this week was a continuation of other flash fictions that involved a vampire character named Lord Kian. He had kidnapped a woman to be his mate during a hunt with other vampires. 


I set her down in the corner of the room and watched her. She sat there staring at me, slowly working the rope that binds her hands. She was making good progress. Most human women would be scared out of their wits, but not her, which is why I chose her. She was strong, brave, a fighter, survivor, and to top it all off,  absolutely beautiful. I didn’t need to read her thoughts to know she had been through some shit in her day. And she definitely wasn’t going to put up with mine.

“I’m Kian, but I think you already know that.” I said removing my hooded cowl, so she could finally see my full face. She stopped working the rope to stare at me for a second and then looked away. I didn’t know if she was staring in awe of my bright blue eyes or my fangs.

“And you are?” I said. She looked back at me. Silent.

I grinned, “You don’t say much, do you?”

I laughed as she rolled her eyes and shook her head. I knew fully well the mind control I placed on her to not speak when I captured her, was still in effect.

I knelt down in front of her and forced her to look into my eyes. I searched her thoughts.

“Do you feel me in your head…Emma?”

She closed her eyes, trying to pull away, my grip far too strong.

“You’re mine, Emma. I’m not going to hurt you, I’m just going to make you immortal.”


#ThursThreads o5.o4.17


Prompt: “It’s actually working.”

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I shook the lifeless, naked body in my arms, hoping by some miracle she would wake up. Nothing. No breath. No faint heartbeat. Just dead. I took too much. I drained her. I drank her so dry in the heat of passion, that there wasn’t even any blood left in the puncture wounds on her neck. Her skin becoming cold like mine.

She couldn’t be dead….I didn’t want her dead.

I held her slightly up in one arm, using my teeth to tear the flesh on my wrist. I pressed it to her mouth, covering her lips with my blood.

I waited… 

I waited what seemed like forever, but nothing was happening. She wasn’t turning. I never did this before, I only knew how it was done. Maybe I didn’t have it in my blood.

I hung my head in defeat. My love was gone, this life wouldn’t be worth living without her… 

I felt movement. Her lips latched onto my wrist and she drank. It was sexy. 

“It’s actually working.” I said aloud.

The sensation of her drinking so urgently was overpowering and I lost myself in it, until she let go, screaming in pain. 

Her body died a second time in my arms. I waited another eternity for her to awaken. She gasped for air, wrapping her arms around my neck, her naked body clinging to my naked body. It took her a minute to stop breathing, realizing that she didn’t need to breathe. 

“Am I dead?”

“Welcome to forever, my love.” I replied.

Bleeding Hearts & Stars,
~Siren X

Two Weeks of #ThursThreads Flash Fiction


I totally forgot to post these. Although, I have started a compilation of Flash Fiction on Wattpad. I have a feeling a lot of these are going to end up as longer short stories that I will publish in a book.


Prompt: “She’s comin’ with me.”

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  * * * * * * * *

Sabine heard the heavy footsteps of three men walk through the door of the tiny, gritty, Amsterdam bar, its few human patrons had been drunk and passed out for hours. She glared at Jonathan beside her and back at her drink in front of her. She sensed one man directly behind her and the other two flanked him on each side.

Jonathan stood up, facing them. “Can I help you?”

“She’s comin’ with me.” Augustus sternly boomed.

With lightening speed, Sabine busted the wooden napkin holder in front of her into pieces, scooping up the pointed wooden dowels that held the top piece to the base. With such force, she launched one into the heart of the guy on her left, as she spun around and nailed the guy in the heart on her right. Both fell immediately to the floor, their bodies becoming stiff. It left her facing Augustus directly in front of her.

“Draven would like a word.” He spoke, smirking.

“You can tell him I’m not interested.” Sabine replied.

“You can tell him, yourself.”

Sabine growled as plunged another dowel deep into Augustus.

Draven – her maker, lover, and husband – entered and walked towards her with fury, as he stepped over the bodies of his former associates.

“You leave me and this is where I find you…in the company of humans and a newly bitten dog!” He yelled, eyeing Jonathan.

Faster and much stronger than she was, Draven had her on her knees with the last dowel pointed at her heart.


Prompt: “Aren’t you going to ask?”

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I watched her walk into her apartment, walking up the stairs to her loft bedroom, as I stood outside at the doorway, tapping my fingers on the outer frame. She began stripping the ripped sheets off her bed.

“Aren’t you going to ask?” I said, rolling my eyes.

“Nope.” She replied, plainly.

“You can always rescind the invitation.” I reminded her.

She dropped the sheets, looking at me with those big doe eyes of hers.

“Well, then…would you like to come in, Damian?” She asked sweetly.


I entered past the threshold, walking at a normal human speed up the stairs, not going after her with my inhuman speed the way I wanted to.

“I rescind the invitation.” She smirked. She knew fully well what would happen.

I screamed from the loud ringing in my ears, as the walls seemed to shake uncontrollably. My heart and my head felt like they were going to burst. I fell backwards down the stairs, landing at the bottom. I felt like I was suffocating, even though I didn’t need to breathe. I crawled outside. That damn human was going to be the end of me.

“Ask me again.” I tempted, standing back at the doorway.

“Come in, Damian.” She smiled.

I rushed her, pulling her wrists behind her back and forcing her against the wall before she even knew what happened. I pressed my erection against her and my teeth against her neck.”

“Say those words again, if you don’t want this.”

She stayed silent. I began my slow, sensuous assault.

Bleeding Hearts & Fangs,
~Siren X

#ThursThreads o4.13.17


A very huge Thank You to #ThursThreads host Siobhan Muir and the judge this week Sandie Grisé ! I won an Honorable Mention for my flash fiction this week 🙂 Pretty good considering I wrote this two hours before entires closed. And after being sick all week and not exactly on the best amount of sleep. I was actually getting really tired last night as I wrote it.
The prompt was: “You can’t be in here.”

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

“You can’t be here.” The security guard sternly said as I walked down the hallway to get to the basement studio of the gallery.

Crap, I hadn’t planned for running into security doing his rounds down here.

“It’s okay,” Hunter said appearing from inside the studio. The guard looked at him.

“I asked her to join me, we need a few moments alone.” Hunter spoke slowly looking into the guards eyes.
The guard nodded and as if in a trance walked away. Hunter gestured me towards the studio.

“You know what I am and, yet, you still come down to meet me. You know you’re probably not going back upstairs to the party, right?”

“You intrigue me.” I said as I walked with him behind me, “And then you flashed your fangs and I was even more intrigued.”

We walked into the studio and he shut the door behind him. He was immediately on me, pulling me into his body, his fangs piercing my neck. I grabbed onto the back of his head, holding him there, letting him know I liked it.

What else do you like?” He asked, a bit drunk, after he let go.

“Obviously, I like it rough.” I replied. “Did you like your taste?”

“Your blood is so sweet.”

“Good.” I said as I jabbed the sharp wooden appendage, broken off from a statue upstairs, into his side, crippling him.

“Do everything I say and maybe you’ll get more. I’m tired of being everyone’s submissive. Tonight, I’m playing differently.”

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Dominant Female Humans & Fangs,
~Siren X

#AtoZChallenge – This is a Week Catch Up

2017 BadgeI am super behind on this challenge, but unlike last year where I just gave up, I am going to CATCH UP instead. Don’t really care if its allowed or not, but I’m just gonna do I post and catch it all up. I have been writing daily for Camp NaNo, really into the story I’m writing, so that’s where I’ve been instead…

Okay, so here we go. My theme is vampires and I did do a post for A already….

B is for BloodLust:

BloodLust happens to be the title of my novel, about a vampire (Jake) who falls for a human woman (Karlea) and promises to protect her against one of the first and oldest vampires, who wants her for his own evil reasons. Jake must also protect her from himself, the ravenous creature dying to be let out inside him, as they embark on a passionate romance.

BloodLust refers to a vampire’s severe craving of blood, to the point they have lost control over themselves for it (if they even had any control to begin with). For some vampires, just feeding from a human is enough, for others it also involves sex as they feed. Usually their victims end up completely drained and dead. This is also sometimes called frenzy (See below)

B is also for BloodBond:

A bloodbond is between a human and a vampire. The vampire either forces the human to drink large quantities of their blood a few times, or a human does so willingly. After, they are bonded for life, there is no way out for the human, other than dying. Usually the vampire bloodbonds because they plan to turn the human into a vampire and the bloodbond will make the Sire – Progeny bond even stronger. Sometimes vampires don’t sire their bloodbonds and leave them human. The bloodbound human will need to drink a bit of their future sire’s blood every day or every other day to avoid the effects of withdrawal which can have devastating effects, including going crazy and on a killing spree, much like a vampire going into Bloodlust or Frenzy. If the vampire dies, the human is also as good as dead, as no other vampire can satiate the human’s need for vampire blood. Therefore, an unwilling bloodbond cannot kill the vampire that bonded them unless they want to die too. A bloodbond makes their relationship stronger, even if the human is fighting it. It makes the vampire very in control of their human and very closely connected to the human’s body. It is extremely intimate, like sex and having a child, and is almost considered a marriage of sorts.

In my story BloodLust, Jake is too afraid to bloodbond Karlea, which constantly causes them issues. In the second story, BloodLust: Armani, Armani bloodbonds Karlea to him and they are both surprised to find just how deep their bond is. 

B is also for BloodBending:
Vampires can naturally read the blood of humans once they drink from them. The more times they drink from the same human, the more they can read of their blood. However, once bloodbound, a vampire can not only read the human’s blood, but also control it. It is similar to a vampire using mind control on a human by looking them in the eye and making the human do whatever it is the vampire wants, only bloodbending is much more serious. 

Armani has not employed this technique on Karlea yet, so she does not know this can happen. She has experienced, with their deep bonding, a slight ability to read Armani’s blood, however, she is nowhere near strong enough as a human to bloodbend. 

C is for Caine:

In WhiteWolf Games, Vampire: The Masquerade, Caine is the first and most powerful vampire in The Book of Nod. He did kill his brother Abel and was outcasted by his father, Adam. He came upon a woman, named Lilith, who took him in. It was revealed that Lilith was Adam’s first wife and she now had immortal powers. Caine and Lilith became lovers and Caine begged her for the dark gift. Lilith prepares an Awakening ceremony for him, cutting herself and giving Caine her blood to drink. He is then visited by three angels to try to get him to repent for Abel’s death. He refuses and each angel bestows a curse upon him: he and any of his children will have a weakness to fire, a vulnerability to sunlight, and the beast within that hungers for blood. Thus, vampires are born.

Cain also happens to be my first child’s name 🙂

D is of course for Dracula:

The most famous vampire in all literature, based off of historical information about Vlad the Impaler, or Vlad Dracul, who defended Transylvania against the Ottoman Turks and uphold Christianity. In the movie version, Vlad returns to Transylvania to find his wife, Elisabeta, has committed suicide over hearing a false report of his death. Enraged that she is now damned, he desecrates his chapel. He stabs the stone cross and drinks the blood pouring out of it, saying he will avenge her death by rising from the grave with all the powers of darkness. 

E is for the Embrace: 

The embrace is where a vampire shares their dark gift with a human, turning them into a vampire. First the vampire has to drain the mortal of all their human blood – drinking their blood creates a tighter bond between them and is more intimate, like sex and childbirth. It is usually the way, even if the mortal is injured in some way where there is blood loss, the vampire will still usually drink what is left. The vampire then feeds their blood to the mortal, turning them vampire and into their progeny.

F is for Frenzy:

Frenzy is when a vampire is out of control (again, if they had any to begin with) and the animalistic beast inside takes over. Usually they will drain and kill any human in sight without knowing what they are doing. 

F is also for Fangs:
A vampire’s teeth that allow them to bite humans and drink their blood. Can be on either on the upper teeth or on the upper and lower together. Some fangs are retractable, others are not. My vampires tend to have smaller, more natural fangs that most people wouldn’t even notice, unless they were staring intently.  And yes, I do own fangs for myself that I do wear out in public a lot. I was known as the vampire girl in the Bay Area. 🙂 I was proud of that. 

G is for Gangrel: 

Is a clan from Vampire: The Masquerade. They are vagabond and drifter vampires.They have an animalistic instinct and rage. They are great fighters when they need to be. They also turn more animal looking as they give into the beast within during a frenzy and feed. 

Alright, did we make it to the end? This is pretty cool, I’m creating my own vampire encyclopedia of sorts. 🙂

Thanks for reading!

Bleeding Hearts & Fangs,
~Siren X

Vampire Friday o4.o7.17

ff398-10960463_10152989497960675_2412694568105959894_oWelcome to Vampire Friday! I am in the craziness of writing a new vampire story for Camp NaNoWriMo, and as much as I want to share it, I am still going to stick to excerpts from BloodLust.

Where we last left off Karlea let Jake drink from her to heal his wounds, but after she was healing from the blood loss, her heart became weak. She almost died, but Jake was able to heal her with his vampire blood. She awakens, healed and still human. Jake wasn’t happy that she risked her life to heal him. She tried to leave Jake’s apartment, but he wouldn’t let her leave, admitting that he cared about her. Thing were starting to get heated between them. Jake’s last line was, “I want more than just your blood.”

8210835“What do you want?” She inquired breathlessly.
“I want you. Naked in my bed, wrapped around me, breathing my name, and never leaving.” Jake looked at her, unsure of her reaction.
She stared at him.
“I want to face my world with you by my side, but I’m afraid of where it could lead you.” Jake added.
She shook her head and brought her lips to his. Her hands made their way under his off-white thermal shirt as his pushed the fabric of her t-shirt off her hips, his hands feeling the curves of her body. He slowly lifted her shirt up and then off, dropping it onto the carpet. He pulled his shirt off, landing it on top of hers.
Jake pulled her back in, kissing her, as their naked skin touched, creating their spark, her skin so warm and his so cold. She moved her hands slowly up his torso, feeling for any sign of where he was injured, but she felt nothing. She pulled away from his kiss and looked down at his body, placing her hand over the areas he had been bleeding from the night before.
“You don’t even have a scratch on you, just like I didn’t.” She said with amazement in her voice.
“That’s what your blood did for me. Just as mine did that for you.”
Jake watched as it hit Karlea just how special and sensual this was, unlike anything human.
“Welcome into my world.” He whispered, looking at her.

Thanks for reading! You can read more great authors here:
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Bleeding Hearts & Fangs,
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