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midweeknewestWelcome to Midweek Tease!

We continue on with my WIP Blood Wine (?) It’s a vampire erotic romance, set in western New York. 

It’s about a young, wealthy, winery owner and artist, who falls for a woman who works at the art museum. He is immediately drawn to her not only because he thinks she is beautiful, but because she is so bold and sassy. Only his true identity must not ever be known to her. Both struggle to fight their growing attraction to each other, until Anton proposes a strictly physical affair. But how long will it last before they admit to each other that they want something more? And what will happen if she discovers his secret? 

We continue where we left off last week. I’m very excited to be sharing Anton’s POV this week…

male-vampire-biting-woman-passion-20611105The artist talk went smoothly, nothing I couldn’t handle. Because of owning the wine business, I was used to giving talks and having business meetings. Plus all my years of existing on earth giving me more experience than anyone could count. I had done almost everything and seen almost everything over the centuries. I am now saying almost because I had never seen anything like Charlotte and I cannot rightfully say I have done everything, when there was a whole new world to explore with her. If she would let me. And if I was careful how I went about this. She couldn’t find out what I was, ever. It would put her in danger, although being around me was danger enough in itself. And humans, as I have found, don’t take too kindly to the presence of vampires, even if they think vampires are the coolest thing in the world, the reaction is quite the opposite when they meet a real blood drinking one.

The only way the talk could have been better is if I could have looked up every time and seen her beautiful deep green eyes watching me. I didn’t need to get too close to her to see that deep green color was real and not an enhancement of contacts; my vampiric vision much greater than a human’s. It allowed me to see the specs of different shades of green that made up her eyes.

I come to the museum frequently during the late fall and winter months, when darkness takes over the sky earlier in the day and I can make it to the exhibit openings and receptions, but since it was the beginning of fall and the sun still doesn’t set early enough, it had been months since I had been to events at the museum. Any business I have had at the museum for the winery or for my exhibition, I made sure was done in the late evening hours, using the excuse that I was very busy down in the Finger Lakes. So, Charlotte must have been a new hire in the last six months because I had never seen her here at the receptions or working the Thursday later museum hours.

I wasn’t expecting her when I walked in and once I saw her I was consumed by her. Her snarky and bold personality, not making it easy to forget her. That and the fact she was simply beautiful with her pale skin and long black straight hair that was was shorter in the front and fell to one side of her face. She was almost my height with the black four inch platform thick high shoes she had on, so without them I would have easily towered over her.

I was simply lost in her, but what I wanted with her was unknown. Her beauty tempted and tortured me so, along with her bold attitude. Thankfully, I was so lost in her, I wasn’t lost into her blood yet. Add that into the mix and I truly will be a tortured soul once more. I had lived long enough to get over my transition from a mortal to a vampire. It wasn’t easy to get over the tortured soul element, my artwork helped, but to have her bring me back to tortured soul, was not an expectation of tonight.

This talk and reception had become extensively boring since Charlotte wasn’t here to light up the room. I wanted to listen to her lose herself into my artwork, again, or any artwork in the museum for that matter, the way her eyes sparkled when she talked about art. I feigned interest as potential patrons asked me about my work. Jonathan letting me know that I had sold a few. I pointed out a painting and a photograph that I was suddenly not willing to part with, they were to be gifts, to Charlotte, once the exhibition was over.

I floated through the rest of the reception, desperately waiting for the guests to all leave or for midnight to arrive for it to be over. Usually hours are nothing for a vampire when centuries pass like years, but tonight it seemed like the minutes were ticking away slowly.

As I went to walk out with the last of the guests, Sarah and a few others were cleaning up the wine and glasses. I stepped over to Sarah and kindly asked her to set aside a bottle of the new red wine that made a premier at the reception tonight, slipping her a tip as the others were busy with their tasks.

As I walked from the gallery where no one was around, I used my speed to get to the exit of the main gallery, anxious to see those deep green eyes, again. As I walked out, she was there saying goodnight to the last of the guests, and thanking them for their patronage.

She turned around and jumped back slightly, seeing as I was standing right there. I grinned as she cursed under her breath.

“How’d it go?” She asked, after catching her breath.

“It went…good.” I replied, relieved to be looking into those eyes again, for whatever reason they calmed me.

“Good. And thanks for the tea, it did help.”

“You’re welcome.” I said, a bit nervously, hoping what I wrote in the note wasn’t too much to scare her away. “You’re so busy taking care of others, I figured someone needed to take care of you.”

“You’re very sweet.” She smiled. She looked away and then bold but quietly said, “I might take you up on that bubble bath some day, too.”

I love how bold she can be!!

Thanks for reading! You can read more great authors here.

Bleeding Hearts & Fangs,
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wewriwaWelcome to Weekend Writing Warriors and Snippet Sunday!

We left off with Armani asking Karlea if she wanted to join him for breakfast in bed…

pub_logoShe stared at his hand and then at him. 

Armani rolled his eyes, “You have an eternity to hate me and stake my heart. Hell, at some point I might even just stand there and let you do it.”

Armani smiled and continued, “Do something crazy and take a chance…you know you want to.”

She laughed, he was giving her the same line he gave her at the club that got her into this whole mess. 

“I’ll make sure sure you don’t regret it,” he added, “and you get to rip this sheet off of me.”

That was enough for the heat to surge between her legs. Karlea shook her head, as if she knew better, and put her hand in his. The moment her hand touched his, he pulled her in and had her legs wrapped around his waist, her arms around his neck, and her back against the wall as he held her. The blanket that was covering her, lying on the floor.

I think he has a different idea of what breakfast in bed is.

Thanks for reading! You can read more amazing authors here and here.

Enjoy your Sunday!

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#ThursThreads o5.o4.17


Prompt: “It’s actually working.”

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I shook the lifeless, naked body in my arms, hoping by some miracle she would wake up. Nothing. No breath. No faint heartbeat. Just dead. I took too much. I drained her. I drank her so dry in the heat of passion, that there wasn’t even any blood left in the puncture wounds on her neck. Her skin becoming cold like mine.

She couldn’t be dead….I didn’t want her dead.

I held her slightly up in one arm, using my teeth to tear the flesh on my wrist. I pressed it to her mouth, covering her lips with my blood.

I waited… 

I waited what seemed like forever, but nothing was happening. She wasn’t turning. I never did this before, I only knew how it was done. Maybe I didn’t have it in my blood.

I hung my head in defeat. My love was gone, this life wouldn’t be worth living without her… 

I felt movement. Her lips latched onto my wrist and she drank. It was sexy. 

“It’s actually working.” I said aloud.

The sensation of her drinking so urgently was overpowering and I lost myself in it, until she let go, screaming in pain. 

Her body died a second time in my arms. I waited another eternity for her to awaken. She gasped for air, wrapping her arms around my neck, her naked body clinging to my naked body. It took her a minute to stop breathing, realizing that she didn’t need to breathe. 

“Am I dead?”

“Welcome to forever, my love.” I replied.

Bleeding Hearts & Stars,
~Siren X

#VampireFriday o5.o5.17

ff398-10960463_10152989497960675_2412694568105959894_oWelcome to Vampire Friday! 

We continue on with another hot and steamy excerpt of BloodLust. Where we last left off, Karlea drank Jake’s blood during sex. This is the aftermath…

8210835“How are you feeling?” He asked.
“Amazing, like I can do anything.”
Jake laughed, “Well, don’t do anything too crazy, you’re still human, after all.”
He lightly kissed the top of her head. She lifted her head up to look at him.
“How does one become like you?”
Jake hesitated, “Pretty much the standard literature way. I would have to drain you, dead, until your heart stops. Then I feed you my blood. You die a second time as your body transitions. When you wake, you’re different. Then you have until the next sunrise to feed for the first time.”
“And if you don’t?”
“You die a very painful death. Most feed right away, even if they would rather die. The hunger is too great. The first feeding is the most brutal. After that, your full transition is completed.”
Jake pulled her back into him.
“I don’t want that to be your fate. You don’t want to be this. It’s not as great as you’re feeling right now.”
“I know, but isn’t it my fate? I mean I have these vampires after me, so its either that or death. If you hadn’t of followed me the other night, I might not be alive right now. They would have taken me…I don’t know what they would have done.”
Karlea gasped, as Jake ran his fingers down her arm, losing her train of thought.
“I’m not saying I’m exactly ready,” she continued, “I don’t know enough yet. But what if instead of killing me, they turn me? I definitely don’t want that.”
He ran his fingers down her arm again, making her catch her breath.
“That is so distracting…”
Jake grinned, sitting up, bringing her with him. He wrapped his arms around her from behind, holding her close.
“What does it feel like?” He whispered seductively in her ear, biting at her earlobe and lightly dragging his fingers from her outer thighs up to her the sides of her stomach.
She breathed heavy, “Like you’re touching every inch of my body all at once.”
“Do you like it?”
“Yes.” She answered, half moaning.
“Your senses are heightened.”
“I keep feeling these waves hit me, too. It feels so good.”
Jake kissed her neck. “I think the answer to your question, that you got so distracted from, is simple. I think I just need to chain you to my bed. Problem solved.”
“I think I might be okay with that.”
Jake moved to the front of her. “Lay back and close your eyes.”
She did as she was told. Jake lightly touched her arms again.
“Where am I touching you?”
Karlea shook her head, smiling, “I don’t know. I feel it almost everywhere.”
He moved to her sides, lightly brushing his fingertips against her skin, moving downward, listening to her sounds, watching her body squirm beneath his fingers, turning him on.
“How about now?” He breathed.
“I don’t know.” She said, barely able to speak. Her body squirmed more. “I want you so bad. All I can think about is how good you feel.”
Jake watched as she bit her lower lip, still keeping her eyes closed. Jake leaned over her.
“I think I can help with that.” He grinned. “Keep your eyes closed.”
He gently kissed her lips.

I think things might heat up again!

Thanks for reading! You can read more great authors here:
Linda Hamonou

Bleeding Hearts & Fangs,
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midweeknewestWelcome to MidWeek Tease!

I am super late with this post. A migraine took me out last night and a shitty morning today. So, now I sit here frantically writing this. But hopefully this will mellow me out a bit. 

Anyway, we continue on with my WIP Blood Wine (?) It’s a vampire erotic romance, set in western New York.

It’s about a young, wealthy, winery owner and artist, who falls for a woman who works at the art museum. He is immediately drawn to her not only because he thinks she is beautiful, but because she is so bold and sassy. Only his true identity must not ever be known to her. Both struggle to fight their growing attraction to each other, until Anton proposes a strictly physical affair. But how long will it last before they admit to each other that they want something more? And what will happen if she discovers his secret? 

Where we left off last week, Anton Pierce wanted Charlotte, who works the museum’s admissions desk, to join him in the museum auditorium for his artist talk, but she regretfully had to decline and keep her post at the admissions desk. 

male-vampire-biting-woman-passion-20611105As I sat already bored out of my mind, I contemplated the thought of being an assistant curator and how I wouldn’t miss a moment of these receptions, I’d be there for all of it. But then I wondered if I was only so excited for the thought of being at Mr. Pierce’s. That already seemed like the likely story. Why was this wine guy with millions to throw around, haunting my mind so? He obviously had some interest, right? Ughhh…I’m just going to continue to tell myself I’m not interested. Just then Sarah came walking up from the cafe. She walked up to the desk and tried to hand me the paper cup she was carrying.
“Is this for Mr. Pierce?” I asked, wondering if he had requested something once he had gone inside the auditorium.

“No, silly.” Sarah replied, “Its for you. Its green tea. Mr. Pierce kindly requested I make you a cup. He’s so charming, I couldn’t say no.”

“Oh, Sarah, you didn’t have to do that. Thank you.” I said taking it from her.

“Its your favorite Jade Cloud. Mr. Pierce felt bad that you had to miss everything inside, so…oh and here’s a little note he wanted me to give you.”

She handed me the same paper I had given Mr. Pierce, only folded in half.

“I have to get a few things ready for when the talk is over.” She said, going back the way she came.
Intrigued, I opened the note. For whatever reason, I looked up and around to make sure no one was watching, like it was some big secret Sarah had passed a note to me, like it was going to say, I want to fuck you, or meet me in my bedroom, or something else not safe for work. As if this whole night so far, had not been safe for work. And that was me who had started it all by showing my snarkiness.

As I stared at the note, my jaw must have dropped to the floor – his handwriting was sobdaa394abff5b073e71f373256f1158e perfect and flawless. Cursive writing that looked like it was written in another time with a fountain pen. Even his damn, fucking handwriting was beautiful. I finally focused on the words, “I can’t help with the bubblebath, at least not now, so hopefully the tea with keep you going a little bit longer. Enjoy. Anton.”

I set down the note, not sure how to feel exactly. Parts of me were screaming, yes, yes, yes, at the thought of him helping with a bubblebath; naked bodies beneath hot bubbly water. So many things could happen. And the other part of me was screaming no, this had gone on long enough. I took a long sip of tea. I was just tired and over reacting. I just had to get through this night and get some sleep. I was sure by the time morning came, he would have forgotten all about me and moved on to someone more his stature.

Thanks for reading! I think next week, we might get Anton’s POV of things 🙂

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Bleeding Hearts & Fangs,
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wewriwaWelcome to Weekend Writing Warriors and Snippet Sunday! April flew by, I can’t believe its May already!

Where we last left off with Armani & Karlea, she was getting pretty snarky with him. Her last line was, “I wasn’t being demanding.” Armani has the first line…

pub_logo“Yes, you most certainly were. And for future reference, I don’t respond well to demanding.” 

“Oh, but you’re good at being demanding.” Karlea replied, “I seem to remember you saying, take your clothes off and clothes off, last night”

“That’s different.” Armani said, serious, walking towards her, “Sorry I’m not all sweet and romantic like your ex-lover. I’m a little more rough around the edges, but that excites you and you love it.”
He looked at her and bit his lower lip, Karlea noticing the lust in his eyes.
“Breakfast in bed?” He asked, holding out his hand.

Oh, yum 🙂

You can read more amazing authors here and here.

In other news, I am trying to get caught up and blog post comments and reading everyone’s snippets from the last few weeks. Easter Sunday first threw me off and then having the kids home for Spring Break. Plus writing for Camp NaNo, which ends today – I failed my goal of 20k, only made it slightly past 10k, but the important thing is I got my new story started that was in my head and driving me crazy. Then this week, it was my kindergartener home from school all week with an ear infection. It hit at night and I had to rush him to a pediatric ER, just so he could be seen by a doctor right away. Ear is better, but his cold/cough isn’t, so now I may just take him back to the same doctor in the ER. Uggg.

But I will get caught up. I caught up my blog yesterday at WP and need to catch up my posts on social media. I can handle the blog hops and reading/commenting on other’s snippets, but the managing social media thing…I really can’t keep up. So, how do you all manage your social media for your blogs?

I have a feeling that a lot of you might be full time writers and put in 8 hours a day. I only have a few hours a day, if even that, when the kiddos are in school, by the time I clean up after the whirlwind of 5 kids getting ready for school and all the other everyday life things I have to do. I would love nothing more to be a full time writer and artist.

Thank you everyone for reading and commenting, and simply supporting me!

Enjoy your Sunday!

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Two Weeks of #ThursThreads Flash Fiction


I totally forgot to post these. Although, I have started a compilation of Flash Fiction on Wattpad. I have a feeling a lot of these are going to end up as longer short stories that I will publish in a book.


Prompt: “She’s comin’ with me.”

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  * * * * * * * *

Sabine heard the heavy footsteps of three men walk through the door of the tiny, gritty, Amsterdam bar, its few human patrons had been drunk and passed out for hours. She glared at Jonathan beside her and back at her drink in front of her. She sensed one man directly behind her and the other two flanked him on each side.

Jonathan stood up, facing them. “Can I help you?”

“She’s comin’ with me.” Augustus sternly boomed.

With lightening speed, Sabine busted the wooden napkin holder in front of her into pieces, scooping up the pointed wooden dowels that held the top piece to the base. With such force, she launched one into the heart of the guy on her left, as she spun around and nailed the guy in the heart on her right. Both fell immediately to the floor, their bodies becoming stiff. It left her facing Augustus directly in front of her.

“Draven would like a word.” He spoke, smirking.

“You can tell him I’m not interested.” Sabine replied.

“You can tell him, yourself.”

Sabine growled as plunged another dowel deep into Augustus.

Draven – her maker, lover, and husband – entered and walked towards her with fury, as he stepped over the bodies of his former associates.

“You leave me and this is where I find you…in the company of humans and a newly bitten dog!” He yelled, eyeing Jonathan.

Faster and much stronger than she was, Draven had her on her knees with the last dowel pointed at her heart.


Prompt: “Aren’t you going to ask?”

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I watched her walk into her apartment, walking up the stairs to her loft bedroom, as I stood outside at the doorway, tapping my fingers on the outer frame. She began stripping the ripped sheets off her bed.

“Aren’t you going to ask?” I said, rolling my eyes.

“Nope.” She replied, plainly.

“You can always rescind the invitation.” I reminded her.

She dropped the sheets, looking at me with those big doe eyes of hers.

“Well, then…would you like to come in, Damian?” She asked sweetly.


I entered past the threshold, walking at a normal human speed up the stairs, not going after her with my inhuman speed the way I wanted to.

“I rescind the invitation.” She smirked. She knew fully well what would happen.

I screamed from the loud ringing in my ears, as the walls seemed to shake uncontrollably. My heart and my head felt like they were going to burst. I fell backwards down the stairs, landing at the bottom. I felt like I was suffocating, even though I didn’t need to breathe. I crawled outside. That damn human was going to be the end of me.

“Ask me again.” I tempted, standing back at the doorway.

“Come in, Damian.” She smiled.

I rushed her, pulling her wrists behind her back and forcing her against the wall before she even knew what happened. I pressed my erection against her and my teeth against her neck.”

“Say those words again, if you don’t want this.”

She stayed silent. I began my slow, sensuous assault.

Bleeding Hearts & Fangs,
~Siren X