#WeWriWa / #SnippetSunday o5.o7.17

wewriwaWelcome to Weekend Writing Warriors and Snippet Sunday!

We left off with Armani asking Karlea if she wanted to join him for breakfast in bed…

pub_logoShe stared at his hand and then at him. 

Armani rolled his eyes, “You have an eternity to hate me and stake my heart. Hell, at some point I might even just stand there and let you do it.”

Armani smiled and continued, “Do something crazy and take a chance…you know you want to.”

She laughed, he was giving her the same line he gave her at the club that got her into this whole mess. 

“I’ll make sure sure you don’t regret it,” he added, “and you get to rip this sheet off of me.”

That was enough for the heat to surge between her legs. Karlea shook her head, as if she knew better, and put her hand in his. The moment her hand touched his, he pulled her in and had her legs wrapped around his waist, her arms around his neck, and her back against the wall as he held her. The blanket that was covering her, lying on the floor.

I think he has a different idea of what breakfast in bed is.

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