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midweeknewestWelcome to MidWeek Tease! I love being late to the party 😦

Its been a crazy week already, but we are winding down on the school year and things always get crazy around this time. I also wanted to say that Kathleen Grieve’s family is in my thoughts. I am so sad to hear of her passing!

Let’s continue on with my WIP. It’s about a young, wealthy, winery owner and artist, who falls for a woman who works at the art museum. He is immediately drawn to her not only because he thinks she is beautiful, but because she is so bold and sassy. Only his true identity must not ever be known to her. Both struggle to fight their growing attraction to each other, until Anton proposes a strictly physical affair. But how long will it last before they admit to each other that they want something more? And what will happen if she discovers his secret? 

Where we last left off Anton and Charlotte were having a glass of wine after the artist reception at the museum. Anton was having issues controlling certain parts of himself 😉

male-vampire-biting-woman-passion-20611105“I have something for you.” I said, trying to change the subject, as I pulled my phone from my pocket. “I need your email, though, to send it to you.”

She looked at me, weird. “Ughh, why?” She questioned.

It took me a second to figure why she had asked like that.

“No, no, no.” I slightly laughed, “Not that. I’m not sending you dick pics if that’s what you think. That’s happened to you?”

“Far too many times.” She laughed.

I shook my head, “I apologize for the male species everywhere.”

“I’m not against it,” I continued, now would have been the best time to send one, “but it takes some pretty heavy begging from the receiving party. I had Jonathan record the talk on my phone for you, but its too big of a file to text you.”

“Oh, wow, thanks.”

I nodded and handed her my phone with a new contact page for her info. She quickly typed.

“May I have your phone number, too?” I politely asked.

She raised her eyebrows at me and then a small smile crept across her face.

“Yeah.” She replied, “You get annoying, I don’t have a problem hitting the block button.”

“Point taken.” I said, swirling and sipping more wine. “On that note, you don’t have a lover that’s going to want to beat the crap out of me for talking to you and keeping you so late?”

I wasn’t sure how well the monster in me would react to a possessive significant other, it was already hard enough to control myself around her.

She handed me my phone. “No, I’m a free agent. Have been for a long time, so no worries here. What about you? Am I going to have some crazy lover… or ex lover after me because I had a glass of wine with you?”

“Absolutely not. I’ve been too busy with the winery for any romantic entanglements.”

It had actually been over a century since I had last “dated” anyone.

She went to sip her wine, instinctively I put my hand on hers, “Swirl it first.”

“Right.” She replied, as if trying to remember. Her soft skin once again sending a spark through me. I quickly removed my hand so she could drink.

“You’ll learn.” A bit of dominance slipping into my tone.

She wasn’t lost to it. She stared at me for second, her eyes dilating for a moment. She smiled before she brought the glass to her lips.

She seems to be having all these different effects on him. The ones she notices, I think she likes 🙂

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wewriwaWelcome to Weekend Writing Warriors / Snippet Sunday!

Where we last left off Karlea accepted his invitation to breakfast in bed. Armani promised to be gentle with her, but he was anything but…

pub_logoArmani pulled away, watching her chest heave from her rapid breathing. He brought his hand to his mouth, biting down. Karlea pulled his hand away, shaking her head.
“You don’t want it?” Armani asked.
“No,” Karlea answered, watching his blood drip, “I mean I do, but…”
“You want to see what its like without it and see if last night was real.” Armani finished her sentence for her.
“Yes.” She replied. 

Super short, but that’s ten. Can’t wait for Armani’s cocky reply!

You can read more amazing authors here and here.

Enjoy your Sunday!

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ff398-10960463_10152989497960675_2412694568105959894_oWelcome to Vampire Friday!

Where we left off last week, Jake told Karlea that he loved her…

8210835“You love me?” She asked, unbelieving what she just heard.  “Are you sure about that? You just met me…I mean, I’m like nothing. I’m just human. You’re like this beautiful creature that can do unimaginable things. I’m a bartender…”

“Hey,” Jake said, stopping her. “I’ve been connected to you since I first saw you. Then I met you and it made that connection stronger. I haven’t loved since I was human and that was over six hundred years ago, so as a vampire I’m sure. But I am a vampire. I am not like you, I’m dead inside, just rotting flesh. I drink blood to live. I don’t expect you to love me.”

“But I do. There’s something undeniable between us and its more than lust. I’ve been yours since you walked up to the bar.”

Jake smiled and wrapped his arms around her. 

“Good.” He said before kissing her long and deep.

She laughed as his strength made her fall back on the pillow. He kissed her again, elated that she felt the same and didn’t go screaming out of his room. 

“I have this need to protect this beautiful body,” He said as he planted a kiss on her shoulder, “and the incredible things it can do.”

“That’s all yours, too.” She smiled, “so do what you want.”

The teasing tone in her voice arousing him, as if he wasn’t aroused already. His hands explored her body, even though he already memorized every curve and every fold of her. His hands cupped her breasts, his fingers rolling her nipples between them. He watched as she moaned, arching her back. He kissed her throat.

“I suppose the right thing to do would be to make love to you, instead of just fucking you. And have you call out my name again.”

She smiled, placing her hands on his face, “I’m all yours.”

He kissed her sweetly at first and then it turned into a more passionate, heated kiss. Her legs parting more searching for him. As he found her, he entered her slow and steady, as their bodies became one. They both breathed relief, giggling at their reactions. She wrapped her arms tighter round his neck as she kissed his lips. He eased back, slowly surging into her again. He did this a few times, each met with a breathy moan from both of them. He moved slowly in her, letting them savior every sensation, before returning to easing back and surging back into her, only deeper each time. Her legs wrapped around him tight, as if she had no intention of ever letting go. Her hips arched, meeting his hard thrusts that seemed to penetrate her deeper each time, their sounds filling his room. He kissed her hard, to match his thrusts. He buried his lips into her neck, her blood drawing him in. He used his arms to prop himself up and look at her with his red eyes and elongated fangs. 

“Its so tempting to claim you and make you mine forever.”

“Then do it. I’m not afraid.” She replied, kissing him deep, letting her tongue feel his fangs, which ignited her passion more.

He buried his lips, once more into her neck, letting his tongue caress her before biting down. 

“Yes.” She breathed.

Her sweet liquid hitting his throat, causing him to thrust harder. She became quiet, unable to breathe. One final thrust sent them both over the edge as she called out his name. He kept drinking as she tried to catch her breath from the intensity of their joining. He could feel her heart getting weaker. 

“I love you.” She whispered, not making any attempt to stop him, instead keeping all of her wrapped around him. “I love how it feels. I love how you feel. I love all of it. I love the power you have over me and how you control it all…” 

Thanks for reading! You can read more great authors here:
Linda Hamonou

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#MidWeekTease o5.17.17

midweeknewestWelcome to Midweek Tease!! Thanks to Angelica Dawson for hosting this!!

Are you all ready for more of my vampire erotic romance WIP? I am so ready to share more.

It’s about a young, wealthy, winery owner and artist, who falls for a woman who works at the art museum. He is immediately drawn to her not only because he thinks she is beautiful, but because she is so bold and sassy. Only his true identity must not ever be known to her. Both struggle to fight their growing attraction to each other, until Anton proposes a strictly physical affair. But how long will it last before they admit to each other that they want something more? And what will happen if she discovers his secret? 

We continue where we left off last week. We are in Anton’s POV and Charlotte’s last line was that she would take him up on that bubble bath sometime… (hot!)

male-vampire-biting-woman-passion-20611105She looked at me with a I-didn’t-say-it face.

We stared at each other, unsure what either one of us should say. Was she just as nervous and anxious as I was, afraid that this night was coming to a close and we would have to be apart for who knows how long? I was tempted to read her thoughts and maybe listen to the beating of her heart, but that was a dangerous thing to do. I put up a mental block always, so I wouldn’t read human’s minds – something I was so gifted with to do. Reading hers would have felt like I was invading her privacy. And listening to her heart would lead to me to reading her blood, which could bring on my bloodlust. I wanted nothing to ruin this night.

“Have a drink with me.” I said, commanding rather than asking.

“Um…” She stammered, “I-I can’t, I’m still on the clock.”

“You’re free to go, Charlotte, we got this.” Dana smiled from behind her. Both of us to lost in each other to notice that Dana was standing right there.

Charlotte turned her head slightly to Dana and thanked her.

“You missed the debut of our new hybrid wine, I had Sarah set some aside for us by the cafe. I promise I won’t keep you too long, I know you’re tired.”

I wouldn’t actually, but I wanted to keep her for an eternity.

“Okay.” She replied. “But first, since I am off the clock.”

I watched as she reached down to her shoes and lifted the straps on both, releasing her feet. She looked so happy to get those shoes off her feet as she stepped out of them and put them behind her desk. Just as I had thought, out of her shoes, I towered a good six inches over her. But I don’t think she cared, she just wanted out of those shoes.

I held out my arm to her as she looked up at me, carefully placing her hand on my arm. I lead her down to the cafe area, and just as I had instructed Sarah to do, there were two glasses of wine already on a table. I held out the chair for her and allowed her sit before sitting across from her.

“I don’t know how much you enjoy wine, but this is a hybrid consisting of Noiret and Cabernet Franc with undertones of cherry and raspberry.” I said, as I swirled the liquid.

“I drink wine, but I know absolutely nothing about it.” She laughed.

“I’ll to have you come down to the winery, I’ll teach you all about wine…if you want to learn. Its an artistic process, finding just the right blends.”

“Maybe.” She said, as she slightly picked up the glass.

“Swirl it first, it helps to bring out the aroma and flavor.” I placed my hand over hers, helping her hold the glass by the stem, as I showed her how to swirl it. Her hand warmer than mine but not by too much. The touch of her soft skin sending sparks through me.

“Now smell the wine.” I said, trying to distract me from the sensation I was feeling as I let go of her hand. We both took in the aroma of the wine. “Now taste it.”

I watched as she brought the glass to her smooth natural pink lips, the red liquid hitting them. I longed for the red liquid to be my blood, an offering of my love to her to make us the closest a human and a vampire could become without her being turned. I lifted my glass, too, and as i drank, fantasized it was her blood, the sweet and delicate taste filling me. The blood dreams were starting.

“This really sweet for a red.” She said.

I nodded in agreement. “Its the cherry and raspberry that gives it the sweet taste and bold dark red color.”

She swirled the glass, watching the color. “I want my hair this shade.”

“That color would look incredibly sexy on you.” I said, not even thinking about what I was saying.

She smiled. “I never knew that tasting wine could be such a… seductive experience.”

I laughed, “Its because its red wine. Although, I guess anything could be turned into a seductive experience if done carefully enough.”

“Its all about who you’re with.” She added, looking at me.

“And its about the teasing the senses, making them wait in anticipation, and then when the right moment comes, flooding them with the height of the experience.” I spoke slowly, trying to turn her on. I could tell she had experience not only in life itself, but in the pleasures of life. She kept my gaze the whole time, not shying away, like someone inexperienced would do, although her lower half shifted in her seat. Perfect.

“Where are you from?” She asked, almost in a trance. “Your voice, I can hear the slightest accent, but I can’t place it.”

“I grew up in Bucharest, Romania, but that was a long time ago. Most don’t ever hear the accent, I lost it being in the States for most of my life.”

I was sad to lose my accent, it had been a years since I had even spoke Romanian. It was like I lost a part of myself, but it was better for blending in.

“Well, don’t lose the rest.” She said, taking another sip of wine.

“I’ll try not to.” I smiled. For her, I would try to get what I had lost of it back.

“Ai ochi frumoşi.” Slipped out of my mouth.

She looked at me and smiled, waiting for me to translate.
“You can Google it later.” I winked at her.

“Like I’m going to remember that. Much less how to spell it.”

“Say it few times.” I said it slowly, “Ai. ochi. frumoşi.”

She already had the voice of a siren, but listening to her speak my native language tingled every part of me, my cock stiffened and rubbed hard against the fabric of my pants. Not the reaction I was expecting from listening to her speak such elementary Romanian.

“Good.” I said before taking a sip of wine in hopes of calming down the stiffening in my pants.

She has such an effect on him, although I don’t think she knows it quite yet. This could be dangerous ground for a vampire 🙂
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wewriwaWelcome to Weeekend Writing Warriors / Snippet Sunday! And a Happy Mother’s Day!

Where we last left off Armani & Karlea, she accepted his invitation to breakfast in bed. First line is Armani’s…

pub_logo“I knew you wouldn’t be able to resist.”

Armani smiled, claiming her lips in a heated kiss. Her tongue exploring his mouth, like it was the first time again. Her tongue felt his fangs extend – she found it so hot that she pressed her body against his. Armani pulled away, tilting her head. 

“I’ll try to take as easy as I can with you, since you are still hurting from last night.” He said as he traced her jugular with his finger. He slammed his fangs into her throat, making her cry out loudly. The next thing she knew, her head hit the pillow with Armani on top of her still drinking.

I don’t think that was called taking it easy 🙂

Thanks for reading! I’ll try to make the rounds as soon as I can. Not only is it Mother’s Day and I have the kiddos this weekend, but my youngest is sick with a stomach virus. Yuck 😦

You can read more amazing authors here and here.

Enjoy your Sunday!

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#ThursThreads o5.11.17

thursthreads_5Prompt: “Don’t say much, do you?”

My flash fiction this week was a continuation of other flash fictions that involved a vampire character named Lord Kian. He had kidnapped a woman to be his mate during a hunt with other vampires. 


I set her down in the corner of the room and watched her. She sat there staring at me, slowly working the rope that binds her hands. She was making good progress. Most human women would be scared out of their wits, but not her, which is why I chose her. She was strong, brave, a fighter, survivor, and to top it all off,  absolutely beautiful. I didn’t need to read her thoughts to know she had been through some shit in her day. And she definitely wasn’t going to put up with mine.

“I’m Kian, but I think you already know that.” I said removing my hooded cowl, so she could finally see my full face. She stopped working the rope to stare at me for a second and then looked away. I didn’t know if she was staring in awe of my bright blue eyes or my fangs.

“And you are?” I said. She looked back at me. Silent.

I grinned, “You don’t say much, do you?”

I laughed as she rolled her eyes and shook her head. I knew fully well the mind control I placed on her to not speak when I captured her, was still in effect.

I knelt down in front of her and forced her to look into my eyes. I searched her thoughts.

“Do you feel me in your head…Emma?”

She closed her eyes, trying to pull away, my grip far too strong.

“You’re mine, Emma. I’m not going to hurt you, I’m just going to make you immortal.”


#VampireFriday o5.12.17


Welcome to Vampire Friday! My favorite day of the week!

Continuing on from last week in BloodLust, Jake and Karlea were getting all hot and steamy again, after Karlea drank some of Jake’s blood during sex. In between it all, Karlea was asking how one becomes a vampire in the first place and if it would be better off for her to become one by Jake, instead of possibly becoming one by the vampires that are after her. Warning: dirty words ahead…

8210835Jake moved down her body, stopping to lick her nipple and then suck on it. Her passionate sounds arousing him even more. If this caused such a reaction from her, he could only imagine what he had planned, was going to do to her.

“Do you know where I’m touching you?”

“I only know,” She started between breaths, ” because I can feel your body above me, unlike your hands.

He moved to the other nipple and did the same, laughing when he made her lose concentration. 

“It still radiates throughout my body…” She continued.

He moved down her body planting soft kisses, reaching her legs. He gently parted them, still planting kisses on her silk-like flesh. 

“Keep your eyes closed, still.” He reminded her in a low whisper as he slightly lifted her legs

He kissed her inner thighs harder, the passion burning in him. He could feel her heat radiating with need and anticipation. As his tongue continued to dance around her inner thighs, he slipped his finger inside – she moaned, barely able to breathe. Just as he knew, so wet with need for him. He bit down on her thigh, making her yell out and push her body deeper into the bed. Her reaction forcing him to dig his nails into her as he drank. She was feeling so many sensations at once. 

Jake let go of her skin and pulled his finger away before assaulting her most intimate area with his tongue. She cried out in relief.He licked every inch of her slowly before focusing his tongue assault on just her clit. Her body starting to quiver beneath his mouth. His fingers found their way back inside, plunging them deeper each time, sounds escaping her.

When she became deliriously close to her release, he slowed his movements down and not as deep. His tongue dancing slow circles on her. She cried out in protest as Jake smiled to himself. He carried on that way until he knew he had driven her insane and then continued the rough assault with faster harder movements and plunging his fingers back inside. 

When she got to the edge again, he pulled away, but with his fast movements forced himself inside of her before she really knew what happened. It only took him twice to plunge his cock deep inside of her before she was calling out his name in ecstasy, her body riding waves around him. 

He watched as she opened her eyes and fell back to earth, looking like she was in complete bliss. She blinked twice as if to make sure it was real. She looked at Jake.

“That was…” She started, trying to find the words. “absolutely incredible.”

Jake continued to look at her, somewhat in awe of her.

“What?” Karlea questioned, suddenly feeling a bit subconscious with him staring at her. She sat up so she could face him. 

She put her hand on his cheek. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah.” he said quietly as he smiled. He placed his hand on hers and brought her hand down, locking his fingers into hers. He looked down at their hands. Karlea glanced down and then back at him.

“I’m in love with you, Karlea.” Jake admitted, “I don’t want to scare you, but I love you. I want to do all the things you deserve.”

Will the pages heat up again next week?

Thanks for reading! You can read more great authors here:
Linda Hamonou

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