My Sexy Saturday #179

My Sexy Saturday Header #4
Welcome to My Sexy Saturday! This week’s prompt is Sexy & Strong.

I’m continuing on with my erotic vampire story. Armani is the vampire that was stalking the human woman, Karlea, at the vampire nightclub. He wasn’t the only one stalking her, as it seemed a bunch of frat-like vampires were, too. Armani gives her a choice to leave with him or stay and be ripped apart by the frat boys. She leaves with him but then they are cornered outside by the frat…

“She belongs to me.” I said to them.
“Not for long.” One of them dared to reply.

They came at me. I knocked five of them to the ground, but where was the sixth. I turned to see him backing Karlea into a wall. She didn’t look scared, instead she looked serious and determined. As she took another step back, she hit the wall. The frat boy lunged at her throat but was met with a small stake she pulled out from the bosom of her dress, just under his heart before she went all bad ass on him and punched the stake up into his heart. Damn. The other five quickly got to their feet. I threw three of them off at me at once, smashing them into a concrete wall with hardly any effort. As I went to take on the other two, one perished in front of me with a stake through his heart. Karlea standing on the other side.
“You helped me, just returning the favor I guess.” She said, although I could sense the adrenaline coursing through her.
“I see you’ve done this before.” I said as I punched the last remaining frat boy.
“More or less.” She smirked, as if for it to be a warning to me.

A little background on this story – I have written about 30k in the original version, titled BloodLust: Armani. Its originally written in third person. But then I had the fun idea to try writing it in Armani’s voice, which is what I’m sharing. BloodLust: Armani is the second story in the series, though, the first isn’t finished either. I’ve been writing these for about 5 years now, pretty much writing a paragraph a week because that’s all I can give. 

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Thanks for reading! And have a great weekend!

Bleeding Hearts & Fangs,
~Siren X


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