Vampire Friday o3.31.17

ff398-10960463_10152989497960675_2412694568105959894_oIt’s that time again! Time for Vampire Friday! Hehehe, my favorite day of the week!

Where we last left off Karlea let Jake drink from her to heal his wounds, but after she was healing from the blood loss, her heart became weak. She almost died, but Jake was able to heal her with his vampire blood. She awakens, healed and still human. Jake wasn’t happy that she risked her life to heal him. She tried to leave Jake’s apartment, but he won’t let her go…

bloodlust_jakeKarlea tried to pull away, but Jake wouldn’t let go.
“Vampires are after you, they won’t just drain you and kill you, they will torture you first. When they stabbed you the other night that was just the beginning, they wouldn’t have let you just die, not without playing first. Its in our nature. They knew I was there, so they let that be a warning to you.”
“I don’t know what I’m supposed to do. If its between them and you, I would much rather you just kill me, but you don’t want me to die and you don’t want to make me like you. And I don’t want to see what I saw the other night – you almost failing to exist because of me. I don’t know what what my options are, other than to walk out there and face this thing and let the problem be solved.” She paused, her head swimming, “Please let me go.”
“I can’t.” Jake responded.
“Why? You’re a vampire, me dying, shouldn’t be anything for you.”
“It is for me.”
“I’ve been alive almost 600 years, I’ve never found anyone like you. I’m not about to let you go so easily.”
Karlea stared at him, unsure what to say. Jake pulled her gently back into him, leaning his head onto hers.
“Thank you for saving my existence.” Jake whispered.
“Always.” Slipped out of her mouth as if she didn’t have to give it a second thought. Her own answer surprising her, her heart answering, not her head.
Jake looked at her and smiled, although part of him wanted to keep telling her how dangerous her answer was and how it was another case of a human being charmed by a vampire. She slightly smiled back, her nervousness over what this meant slightly showing. Jake caressed her cheek with his cold hand, a spark resonating between them. Jake threw out his irrational thought and did the rational thing, and planted his lips on hers. She fell into the kiss wrapping her arms around his neck, her fingers finding their way through his hair at the base of his neck. Her body pressing against his, intensifying the kiss between them. Jake’s want for her taking over. He pulled away to kiss her neck gently. Her head tipped back giving him better exposure. He caressed her soft skin with his tongue to her jugular. He could feel the blood flowing through her vein, it called to him and he wanted more of her sweet taste. He brought his lips down and sucked on her neck without breaking the skin, causing her to dig her nails into him. He wanted her blood but at that moment he wanted something more.
He pulled away and looked at her. “I want more than just your blood.”

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WeWriWa / Snippet Sunday o3.26.17

wewriwaWelcome to Weekend Writing Warriors / Snippet Sunday!

Where we last left off, Karlea remembered everything from the night before. She was getting a bit close and comfy on Armani before she realized he used his mind control ability to make her forget. The last line when we left off, was her asking why he made her forget…

pub_logoAnger took over and her resistance was once again back up. She balled up her fists, and punched at Armani’s chest, but she was so weak compared to last night or the time in his dungeon that it hurt her fist each time, it felt like punching bricks. Armani shook his head and laughed, easily grabbing onto her wrists and overpowering her. He held them tight enough to cause her pain as she winced, as if punching his chest didn’t hurt her enough.
“I needed to see if you wanted to remember.” Armani answered, “You didn’t hesitate to say yes, you didn’t even have to think about it. If you hated me that much, you wouldn’t have wanted to remember.”
She had to admit, he had a point.
“And if I said no?” She asked, lowering her resistance.  

Ugh, I want to keep going, but that was 10.

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I wanted to share this video of Marie Forleo interviewing author Cheryl Strayed. This interview is amazing. It opened up a lot of doors for me after I watched it, she tackled so many things I was struggling with.

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Thursday Threads Flash Fiction Post

tt4hm-300x300_37_origJust wanted to post this week’s Thursday Thread’s challenge. It was my first time participating and I had so much fun writing with a prompt. My brain naturally thinks vampires or werewolves for everything. This weeks prompt was: “We didn’t buy them.”

Lady Akeldama walked down the dark alleyway to where we stood. The four women, their hands bound tight with rope, and gagged by a simple mind control, stood with us – three whimpering through their invisible gags. The forth just trying to stare me down, angry, but unable to speak. I stared back at her beneath the hood of my cowl.  They had all seen what Edoardo and I were, but this one had too much of an attitude to be afraid. I was sure if she could speak, she would have some things to say to me. I was curious, but not enough in this alleyway. 

“You better not have spent all the money I gave you, Lord Kian.” Lady Akeldama warned as she walked up to us, looking over the women before her. Her mannerisms giving away to how hungry she was. 

“Oh, we didn’t buy them. We found them. It was a good hunt.” I said smiling, showing my fangs, not breaking my stare at the brave one. 

“Those two are for you.” Edoardo spoke, pointing to the first two women.

“And the other, two?” She asked, as she looked at whom I was staring at and then back at me. She looked at the third woman and then at Edoardo. “Oh lovely, you found yourselves mates. Edoardo, I don’t know about you, all your mates perish quickly. Kian, you’ve been holding out for an eternity, hopefully this will bring you some satisfaction. Grab them and let’s go.”


Vampire Friday o3.24.17

ff398-10960463_10152989497960675_2412694568105959894_oWelcome to Vampire Friday!

Where we last left off Karlea offered Jake and Vaughn her blood to heal them from their injuries. They both managed to stop drinking from her before she died. Jake took it upon himself to take care of her while she was recovering from the blood loss. She woke up but was still very weak. She asked Jake if he and Vaughn were all healed before passing out in Jake’s arms…

sixsunday2Jake stared at the human in his arms. She had strained herself to ask if he and Vaughn were okay; humans shouldn’t care if they survived being the monsters that he and Vaughn were, but this girl was different.
She moaned in her sleep, snapping Jake out of his thoughts, as her heart began to tank – beating slower and slower.
“Shit.” Jake said, as he held her, he needed to hurry.
He bit his wrist and dripped his blood into her mouth, hoping that at that exact moment her heart wouldn’t stop, or else she wouldn’t be waking up human.
He listened to her heartbeat slowly increase as he was relieved that she didn’t die when his blood hit her tongue – her waking up as a vampire wouldn’t go very well. Not so soon anyway and under these circumstances. Although, when was a human ever turned vampire under good circumstances, Jake knew it rarely happened. And this was a perfect bad situation for it to happen.
He placed her back in his bed. She stirred as he covered her and then fell back into sleep, her heart staying steady. 

Many hours later, Karlea opened her eyes. She squinted at the clock and then at the drapery on the balcony doors, she could see the daylight peeking though a tiny section of the drapery that hadn’t been closed right. She looked across the room and saw Jake sitting in a chair, his laptop, closed, on a coffee table next to him.
“Hey.” She said.
“Hey.” Jake replied, as she sat up. She looked next to her to find the rest of Jake’s big bed untouched.
“Did you sleep? I mean, I didn’t mean to put you out of your bed.”
Jake smiled and laughed slightly, “Sleep isn’t a requirement. I mean I could, but I don’t have to.”
“Right.” She answered. “So, you’ve been sitting in a chair watching me sleep? How long have I been out?”
“Almost, two days. And I’ve been keeping a watchful eye on you to make sure your heart didn’t give out…again. It already did once yesterday. You almost died. I had to give you my blood to heal you.”
Jake sat next to her on the bed. “If your heart had stopped in the moment I gave you my blood, you wouldn’t have woken up human. You don’t want to be what I am.”
A wave of anger came over him, “What you did was extremely dangerous and usually deadly.”
“I knew you and Vaughn wouldn’t kill me.” She replied.
“I’m a vampire, you can’t trust me. If you die in my arms, I don’t want to have to make that decision of whether you stay dead or if I get selfish and make you like me. You really don’t want this.”
Karlea jumped off of the bed, “I should…I should go.”
“Its not safe for you out there.”
“Its not safe for me in here. Just don’t worry about me, I’ll be okay. Sorry for all the trouble you got in because of me.”
She headed towards the door. Jake used his speed to grab unto her and pull her into him, forcefully, making her gasp.
“I’m sorry,” Jake spoke softly, “I just don’t want this to be your fate. Not yet, hopefully not ever –”
“Look, I get it,” Karlea interrupted, “You just met me and ended up coming to my rescue. You don’t have to try to protect me. I’m just going to survive day by day, like I’ve always done. And if its really as dangerous for me out there as you say, then it should all be over rather quickly.” 

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Linda Hamonou

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WeWriWa / Snippet Sunday o3.19.17

wewriwaWhere we last left off, Karlea couldn’t remember the night before with Armani. She told Armani that she wanted to remember, so he released her from the mind control that he had placed on her to make her forget…
(creative editing employed to make it fit)

pub_logoImages of their night together flooded her head; she remembered everything; every moment, every feeling, every touch, every taste, every movement, every bite…and every promise that was made.
Armani caught her as she lost her balance from it all.
“I guess that was a lot to to take in all at once,” Armani remarked, “sorry.”
Karlea shook her head, she placed her hand on his upper arm and rested her head on his chest, surprising Armani at how comfortable she was getting on him, her resistance down; he rested his head on top of hers, holding her close.
“It’s okay,” She said, quietly, “I wanted to remember.”
Armani had to say it, he couldn’t hold in, “I’m sorry, but we are hot together.”
“Yeah, apparently.” She replied even quieter.
She stayed where she was, letting Armani hold her.
“Wait…”, she said a few minutes later, pulling away from him, “why did you use mind control to make me forget?”
oops 😉

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My Sexy Saturday #181

My Sexy Saturday HeaderWelcome to another edition of my Sexy Saturday! The theme for this week is Sexy Saves the Day. 

Two weeks ago, I shared a snippet from my vampire novel, BloodLust: Armani, written in Armani’s P.O.V. I believe the scene I shared was right after this one, where Armani & Karlea fight off the frat vampires, together. This scene is what led to that fight…Armani saving the day. Armani is a pretty sexy vamp despite it all…
(Side note: a very minor character named Joe is mentioned, he’s just the guy working the door of the club)

pub_logoI looked up as I overheard the group of frat boys ready to make their move with me there, as they planned to take me out to get to her. There was no doubt I could take them all, my years and bloodline was way stronger than all of them put together. Usually I am more than happy for a fight, however, I was afraid of the scene this would cause, creating a distraction for Karlea to get away or for Joe to possibly protect her.

“It would be best if you left with me right now.” I said,  my eyes looking behind her to the frat boys. She caught my drift and slightly looked behind her without them seeing. I could see her thinking as she looked at me – frat boys or me. At least, I was only one and more her type than a bunch of rowdy frat boys.

“Fuck.” She cursed.

I held onto her hand as I stood up, pulling her up with me. She pulled her hand away as she stood looking at me.

“We need to make this quick. They are after you.” I said as I held out my hand.
She looked back at the frat boys and then at me, still unsure.
“Do something crazy and take a chance.” I said.
I leaned in close to her. “You know you want to.” I said quietly.

She looked quickly back at the frat boys and then placed her hand in mine. I lifted her up so I could get her outside with my speed. She weighed nothing. I stopped a short distance from the club, it had gotten windy, and I could tell she was cold, shivering in my arms, I intended on giving her my suit jacket. 

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Vampire Friday o2.17.17


Welcome to Vampire Friday! This is so my favorite blog hop, all vampire themed, I love it!

I am continuing on with my story BloodLust – the first in the series – I had started from the very beginning of it all, where Karlea met Jake and Vaughn at the club she works at. Later that night, Jake saves Karlea from being killed by a random vampire as she walks home, figuring out Jake (and Vaughn’s) secret. Jake walks her home only to find her apartment ransacked. Jake brings her to his apartment for the night and recruits Vaughn to help him go find answers about what kind of trouble Karlea is in. As she waits for them to return, she decides to get some rest after such a long night. She awakens to Jake and Vaughn coming back, badly injured and in need of live human blood. Where we left off last week, she offered herself to Jake and Vaughn to heal them…

bloodlust_jakeJake felt her heart getting weaker and weaker. It wouldn’t be long before it came to a complete stop. Her body already feeling limp and her skin not as warm as it should be. Jake tore himself away from her throat.
“I will not take her life.” Jake said, drunk.
He looked at Vaughn, still feeding on her. He put a firm hand on Vaughn’s shoulder. “I’m still here, so you won’t be killing her either.”
Vaughn pulled away, disappointed. “But I’m still hungry.”
“Yeah, I think you’re healed.” Jake replied sarcastically.
“She tastes so good, though.” Vaughn said almost drunk on her.
“If she lives, then more for later.” Jake made a point.
“True, but I don’t think you’ll let me near her again.”
“I’m sure you’ll find a way. You always do.” Jake retorted.
Jake scooped the unconscious girl away from Vaughn and into his somewhat safe arms. Vaughn was right though, she did taste good, and Jake couldn’t wait for more, either. This was going to be a problem.
“She saved us both.” Jake said.

Jake peered into the doorway at the woman sleeping in his bed. He listened in to her heartbeat, it still sounded weak compared to what a healthy human’s heart sounded like, but it wasn’t nearly as weak as when he first brought her to his bed the night before. He had kept watch over her since, if her heart had gotten any weaker instead of better, he wouldn’t have hesitated to give her some of his blood to heal her. But so far, she was healing slowly on her own.
She stirred for the first time and then immediately sat up, looking around and holding her head that was still spinning. Jake walked into the room. This could not go well, Jake reminded himself, she could be terrified from what she was apart of.
“Am I…?” She asked, confused.
“You’re not dead.” Jake smiled, “Nor are you reanimated. Therefore, still human.”
“Okay.” She replied, still confused. She noticed the time on the clock and jumped off the bed. “I need to get to work.”
Suddenly, she lost the floor underneath her, still weak from the blood loss. Jake used his speed to catch her. She fell into his arms and held onto him for support.
“Whoa, you’re not going anywhere, you’re still weak.” Jake scooped her up, pausing to stare at her for a second.
“Are you and Vaughn…” She asked, unable to finish her sentence. She rested her head on Jake’s shoulder
“We healed because of you.”
She smiled and then closed her eyes, passing out on him. 

Thanks for reading! You can read more great authors below:
Linda Hamonou

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