WeWriWa 09.15.13

I can’t believe its the middle of the month already! Next sunday starts my favorite time of the year, all the way through to the new year. 2014 is really only 4 months away??? Where did the last 9 months go, I feel like it was a complete blur.

Last week, we left off where Armani was feeding her more blood than she needed, Karlea not being able to stomach any more. She asked where he was taking her and also realized that his blood was becoming addicting, afraid that their forced intimacy would also become addicting.

Six Sentence Sunday 12.o9.12Karlea wanted more of his blood, she loved the power and strength it gave her earlier, when she was fighting Armani, maybe she could still fight him now when he didn’t expect it, but her human body wouldn’t accept anymore of his blood. A combination of human fatigue, blood loss, and vampire blood withdrawal set in, making her feel horrible. For a moment, her head lying in his lap provided some comfort to the horribleness… until she realized that he was becoming a comfort. This scared her more than anything about their situation, the intimacy of bloodsharing was taking its hold, and she was starting to feel something for Armani. It wouldn’t be long before she started having erotic dreams about him from drinking his blood, she was surprised she wasn’t already from the amounts she had already drank, having them before about Jake and Vaughn when they each shared their blood with her.
“Away from Manhattan.” Armani replied. *
He was taking her away from the city to turn her and train her; Jake often talked about it, how it would happen when he decided to turn her.

*in last week’s snippet, Karlea asked him where he was taking her, this is his answer.

That was a long snippet! Thanks for reading! And please comment, I love reading comments!

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Enjoy your week!

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