WeWriWa o9.o8.13

Welcome to Weekend Writing Warriors/Snippet Sunday!
And I did post two weeks ago! It was a very late, mid-afternoon post, but my name was still on the WeWriWa list, so I figured I would post. If you missed it, you can read it here.

For this week, we will continue where we left off, where Armani was forcing Karlea to drink more blood than she needed…(snippet is edited to fit)

armanikarleaWhen the wound healed, he re-opened it.
“No more.” Karlea begged, but Armani shoved the wound back into her mouth, making her drink even more.
Karlea started to choke on it, so Armani let go of her. She coughed and threw up blood onto the car floor, her head falling back into Armani.Β 
“Where are you taking me?” She weakly asked, the taste of Armani’s blood lingering in her mouth, burning on her tongue; the power of his blood becoming addicting as could the forced intimacy of the blood sharing.

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Enjoy your week!

Hearts & Stars,


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