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wewriwaHappy Sunday!
Last week we left off where Armani was sucking her dry, in order to turn her into a vampire 🙂
I know you readers were all dying to see what happens next 😉

Six Sentence Sunday 12.o9.12Armani exited the cell, not bothering to shut the cell door. He wiped the blood from his lips and pulled his phone from his pocket. He quickly dialed. “Bring the car around, we need to leave now.”

Karlea opened her eyes to see trees and lights passing by. She was in a car, it was night; she couldn’t make out the parts of the streets or buildings she was seeing, but she could tell she was in a city. She felt cold and weak, the pain in her wrist was worse and radiating through her arm; she could feel the blood, still, on her neck and breast. He hadn’t turned her…yet.

It’s only a matter of time!
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WeWriWa o8.11.13

Are you guys ready for another Weekend Writing Warriors/Snippet Sunday? Ready to see what happens to Karlea after last week’s defeat?

If you didn’t read last week’s 8 you can do so here, just to catch up, I don’t want to give anything away this time 😉
(This was edited to fit within the 8 – i hate to do this, but I had to fit it all in, it just makes for a good snippet.)

armanikarleaArmani bit her neck hard, making her scream out; he drained her enough so she was weak, but conscious. Armani let go of her wrists. She could feel the blood dripping down her neck as she watched Armani pull down one side of her dress, unable to move. He cupped her bare breast with his hand, feeling her. He took the nipple between his lips and carefully sucked on it before biting down hard on the top of her breast. Karlea tried to scream but the sound was so faint. Her innate reaction was to struggle, but she resisted and instead, let her body relax, letting Armani take everything he wanted from her, as he drank and drank. As she entered the darkness, she knew she would never see Jake again, and when she awakened, she would be different…

Oh no, what is going to happen to her? She may wake up feeling a bit vampy 🙂
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WeWriWa o8.o4.13

Welcome to Weekend Writing Warriors and to August! Happy Lughnasadh!a20792a124404a76292108_m

I know everyone must be waiting for the conclusion of Karlea and Armani’s fight, so we will get right into it…

Six Sentence Sunday 12.o9.12Karlea wrapped her fingers tighter around his heart, ready to yank it from his chest. She started to pull on it when the next thing she knew, she was the one lying on the floor with Armani above her, a sharp pain in her wrist as he pinned both wrists above her. She watched as the hole in his chest closed up.
“Even with my blood coursing through you, you will never be as fast as I am until the day I turn you.”
Armani pressed hard on her broken wrist making her cry out. “It will heal, love.”
Tears rolled down her cheeks as she looked at him. Admitting her defeat, she turned her head to the side, exposing her neck for Armani.

So the snippets I have been sharing from the last few months are from the beginning of my novel. And so starts Karlea’s adventure with Armani 🙂

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And don’t worry, there will be more K & A next week.

Here’s the blurb:
When Armani Foscari, sees the beautiful human, Karlea, walk through the doors of the private Manhattan vampire club alone, he thinks she is incredibly stupid, although she seems confident and brave. Any human that comes into the club without a vampire escort is fair game, she must want to die. Maybe he should feel bad for her because these monsters will tear her apart – too late her blood has already tempted him.

Claiming his prize before any others can, Armani compels her to leave with him, but it takes more effort than it should. Armani will derive his own twisted pleasure before draining her until her heart stops beating, but he will soon discover her dark desires and her recent past as a lover to a vampire; one that left because she was somehow too much to handle, and was why she was in the club that night, alone, to find him.

Intrigued, Armani must resist the urge to kill and keep her alive, determined to get her to give in to her desires, and be completely submissive to him. Together their chemistry is on fire, even as she resists him at every turn. Can he keep her human and get her to accept, what he wants to be, her new life?

An exquisite mix of the most popular vampire fiction and erotic romance – BloodLust: Armani will tempt you, possess you, and leave you breathless.

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