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Where I left off last, Armani had fed Karlea more blood in order to keep her fighting. In the last snippet, Armani was teasing her, kissed her on the cheek, and shoved her across the room.

Six Sentence Sunday 12.o9.12The kiss he had planted on her cheek sent shivers through her and it angered her. She turned around and ran at him, ramming her fist into his gut as hard as she could. As he doubled over, Karlea whispered in his ear, “I’m going to enjoy watching you die!”

Karlea threw him across the room, as he lie on the floor, he watched as Karlea leaped and flipped into the air. He went to sit up, but Karlea gracefully landed on top of him and shoved him back down to the floor. She punched her fist hard through his chest and slipped her fingers around his cold heart. She looked at him, admiring the position he was in, as he admired her tenacity and skill.
“Do it, Karlea,” he spoke, “before I make you mine forever.”

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Here’s the blurb:
When Armani Foscari, sees the beautiful human, Karlea, walk through the doors of the private Manhattan vampire club alone, he thinks she is incredibly stupid, although she seems confident and brave. Any human that comes into the club without a vampire escort is fair game, she must want to die. Maybe he should feel bad for her because these monsters will tear her apart – too late her blood has already tempted him.

Claiming his prize before any others can, Armani compels her to leave with him, but it takes more effort than it should. Armani will derive his own twisted pleasure before draining her until her heart stops beating, but he will soon discover her dark desires and her recent past as a lover to a vampire; one that left because she was somehow too much to handle, and was why she was in the club that night, alone, to find him.

Intrigued, Armani must resist the urge to kill and keep her alive, determined to get her to give in to her desires, and be completely submissive to him. Together their chemistry is on fire, even as she resists him at every turn. Can he keep her human and get her to accept, what he wants to be, her new life?

An exquisite mix of the most popular vampire fiction and erotic romance -BloodLust: Armani will tempt you, possess you, and leave you breathless.

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WeWriWa Catch Up

“Lets.” Karlea grinned.
Armani grabbed onto her, just as she threw Armani into the wall, taking her with him, pieces of concrete falling to the ground after he smashed into it. He threw Karlea across the room; she hit the concrete floor hard. She immediately jumped to her feet, not caring if something had broken, she couldn’t feel it if she did. Armani came at her, grabbing her by the throat and lifting her off the ground. Karlea clawed at his hand, the amount of oxygen reaching her lungs becoming less and less. She grabbed onto Armani’s wrist with both hands as tight as she could, pulling herself up slightly and getting her balance, before using both feet to kick him in the chest as hard as she could.

Karlea hit the floor hard, as Armani flew across the small room. Thankful that she was able to do that,  Karlea caught of few breaths of air before making herself jump to her feet; she didn’t have much time before he would recover, and she could feel that the effect of his blood was starting to wear off. She ran at him, leaping into the air, and landing with her hands on his shoulders and her knee on his chest, pushing him back into the wall. It took more effort than before, and Karlea was beginning to feel tired – Armani sensing it.
“Nice move.” Armani said as he grabbed onto her and slammed her into wall, “but I think you’re getting exhausted.”
Karlea held onto him and used so much of her strength to slam him back into the wall. She had to hurry this up and finish this.

“The blood is wearing off, my dear.” Armani said, slamming her back into the wall.
“Don’t worry, I still have enough to kill you!” Karlea said slamming him back into the wall, again.
They went back and forth slamming each other into the wall, draining both of them of vital energy. “Here.” Armani said, biting his lower arm, “You need more.”
Armani slammed her into the wall as she looked at him and then took his wound into her mouth.

As soon as she swallowed the first drop, she could feel her strength returning, slamming Armani back into the wall. Armani could feel her strength, and the ecstasy of her drinking from him. They continued slamming each other into the wall while Karlea drank.  Addicted to the strength, she only stopped drinking because the wound had closed up. With her strength greater than ever, she slammed Armani as hard as her strength allowed into the wall, a good chunk of concrete crumbling beneath him. She lifted her leg, and kneed him in the stomach. As he doubled over, he pushed Karlea off of him, sending her hard to the floor. She quickly jumped back to her feet, and as Armani came at her, she karate kicked him in the torso, as if she had been studying karate for a lifetime.

Armani quickly recovered and ran behind her with his vampire speed. When Karlea looked over, he was gone, but before she could turn around, knowing where he was, Armani slipped his arm around her throat and pulled back, bringing the back of her into his chest.
“You’re faster, but your humaness doesn’t allow for my speed.” Armani laughed, “However your strength is outstanding, a product of my blood and the strength you already had inside you. Just as I knew it would be. You are exactly what I am looking for, Karlea.”
Armani released his arm from her throat, and whispered in her ear, “The blood will wear off soon, you better hurry and get that key.”
Armani kissed her cheek and then gave her a hard shove forward that sent her across the small room.