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Its Sunday! My favorite day of the week, where I get to share another snippet of my work-in-progress,  BloodLust: Armani 🙂

Last week, Karlea was totally kicking Armani’s ass, which all you readers seemed to like. So, let’s continue on and see if Karlea can keep the momentum going. Right where we ended last week, Karlea had thrown Armani across the room…

armanikarleaArmani’s body smashed against the opposite wall, several bones in his back breaking with a loud crunch that didn’t affect Karlea at all; that sound usually made her cringe, it always sounded so painful. His body fell to the floor and he lied there waiting for his bones to heal themselves. The thought of siring Karlea drove him wild, how strong and powerful she would be with him, and how intense they would be together, broken bones and all. 

He watched as Karlea ran over, flipping into the air with such grace and agility, and landing beside him, picking him up with one hand, his body slumping from the still broken bones. 

“Would you like your stake back?” He asked sarcastically.
Karlea shook her head, smiled, and whispered, “No, I’m going to kill you with my bare hands.”
Armani grinned, his bones snapping back into place, healed, allowing him to stand up straight and above Karlea, “Let’s get to it then.”

Don’t miss next week, I think their fight may come to a climax 😉

Thanks for reading and please comment, I love reading your comments! 

And I thank all of you that commented last week, I have not made the rounds yet. It has been a busy third to last week of school for my kids that consisted of a camping trip, orchestra concerts, and a kindergarten field trip – I am exhausted.

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Since I haven’t commented on last week’s 8, I’m going to send a shout out to Karen Michelle NuttLindaSarah WElaine Cantrell,Stevie-CarrollSharon BuchbinderEvelyn JulesKayci Morgan,Veronica ScottKarysa FaireMelonieCindy Amrhein (Cindy, where in WNY are you? I am from Rochester!), and Penny Alley.

Have a great week!

Hearts & Stars,


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