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Its Sunday! My favorite day of the week, where I get to share another snippet of my work-in-progress,  BloodLust: Armani 🙂

Last week, Karlea was totally kicking Armani’s ass, which all you readers seemed to like. So, let’s continue on and see if Karlea can keep the momentum going. Right where we ended last week, Karlea had thrown Armani across the room…

armanikarleaArmani’s body smashed against the opposite wall, several bones in his back breaking with a loud crunch that didn’t affect Karlea at all; that sound usually made her cringe, it always sounded so painful. His body fell to the floor and he lied there waiting for his bones to heal themselves. The thought of siring Karlea drove him wild, how strong and powerful she would be with him, and how intense they would be together, broken bones and all. 

He watched as Karlea ran over, flipping into the air with such grace and agility, and landing beside him, picking him up with one hand, his body slumping from the still broken bones. 

“Would you like your stake back?” He asked sarcastically.
Karlea shook her head, smiled, and whispered, “No, I’m going to kill you with my bare hands.”
Armani grinned, his bones snapping back into place, healed, allowing him to stand up straight and above Karlea, “Let’s get to it then.”

Don’t miss next week, I think their fight may come to a climax 😉

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WeWriWa Catch Up

I still have been doing Weekend Writing Warriors every week, but I’ve only been posting on my Blogger blog. I figured it was time that I posted them here. 

Before she had a chance to struggle out of his grasp and put up a fight, Armani went to sink his fangs into the fleshy area between her neck and shoulder, when he stopped. The thought of a fight with her seemed entertaining. She would be strong, but not enough to take him down, she didn’t ingest that much of his blood. It would be interesting to see what she could do.  

He released his arm that he still had across her shoulders. She seemed surprised and confused that he was releasing his hold on her. She pulled away and stood up quickly and with grace, not with unstable legs that had been unconscious in a dungeon for hours. Armani, still kneeling on the ground, watched every little movement she made as she stood, enthralled by her beauty.


Karlea immediately went over to the door as Armani stood up, but she didn’t seem surprised to find that the door was locked. She turned around to face Armani. She jumped when she turned around and he was directly in front of her, towering over her.

“Let me go.” She said in a quiet and non-demanding way.
Armani smiled, “I have the key.” He pulled the key from his pocket to show her, it was very antique looking, as if it wasn’t even a real key.
“If you want out,” he said, still smiling, “you’re going to have to come and get it from me.”


Karlea watched as Armani turned around and walked a few feet over to the opposite wall. He turned around and faced her, leaning against the wall, waiting. Karlea hestitated, she had fought vampires before high on vampire blood, but they attacked her first, she wasn’t the one initiating the attacking. 

Armani stepped back over to her. “Feel my blood in you.” He said as his fingers gently touched the flesh at her neck.
“Feel its strength, coarsing through you.” He continued, gently dragging his fingers down her soft, warm skin to her heart.


Karlea pushed his hand off of her. “I know what to do,’ she replied, “I’ve done it before.”

Armani grabbed her wrist and grinned, “Your past seems very intriguing. From what I know already, you highly enjoy being bitten—“
“Only by Jake.” Karlea interrupted. 
“A vampire bite is a vampire bite. And every time I have bitten you, I have felt the excitement rise in you.”


“I’d really like to know what you did so wrong, that Jake doesn’t ever want you back?” Armani dug his perfectly manicured long, sharp nails into her wrist. Karlea gasped as blood began to drip down.

Knowing the idea was planted in her mind, Armani licked the blood and drank from her wrist.
Armani pulled away. “You slept with his maker.” He smiled. “You wanted them both at the same time.”


“I can make that fantasy come true for you.” He said and then bit her wrist, drinking more of her, as she gasped again. 

“I can make you feel something that you will never feel with anyone. I guarantee you will be left begging for more.”
“Then I guess the only way out is to kick my ass and get the key.” Armani paused, “Perhaps you need more of my blood.”
Armani let go of her and sliced his wrist wide open.


Armani held it out to Karlea, “Here.” She looked at it and looked away as though the temptation was too much.

“You want it.” Armani said, “You know how it will make you feel, and the power it will give…”
“Just think, you could get out of here and find your way back to Jake.”
Karlea took his wrist, her warm touch radiating through him as she held onto it and brought it to her mouth. He felt her warm lips wrap around the wound and gently suck, he couldn’t believe how euphoric it felt to have her touch him and suck on him. Armani watched as she drank and drank, completely turned on by it and by how much she was ingesting, usually humans couldn’t tolerate so much. 


Armani had to have her, he had to make her his for eternity. No one had ever made him feel like this, vampire or otherwise. She would be an excellent lover and he could play with her.He would keep her human for as long as he could, eventually turning her, blood bonding her as a human, and then as a vampire. Her love for Jake and Vaughn made her destin to become a vampire anyway, Armani would simply make her love him. 

Karlea pulled away from his arm, fast, as the wound began to heal, she was at her limit of blood intake. One hand held onto Armani’s arm, her nails digging into his skin as the first euphoria of how much she drank passed through her, making her completely high like a drug and lost to the world. Armani knew exactly what she was feeling and that, along with her nails digging into his vampiric flesh, turned him on even more.


Karlea never felt so good before, Armani’s blood was strong, not even Jake nor Vaughn’s made her feel like this. Part of her wanted to just stand there and ride the waves of euphoria as they came and went, not caring what Armani would do to her, but there was a reason she drank from him, a reason she drank so much. Armani touched her upper arm, sending the most pleasurable shiver through her body, making her forget why she drank. She wanted him to touch her again and do whatever he wanted because Karlea knew with the extreme euphoria that came with his blood, whatever it was that he did, would feel amazing. 

“He is never going to want you back.”Armani said, smirking.
Instantly, Karlea snapped out of the euphoria, and rage took over. Karlea lunged at him, pushing him into the opposite wall, her strength so great that the sound of his body smashing into the concrete blocks was deafening.


Karlea had never experienced a rage so strong, not even when she was high on Jake or Vaughn’s blood; she was going to rip Armani apart and get that key, gain her freedom back. Armani laughed as his body smashed into the wall, “Your strength is magnificent and your rage is just…beautiful.”

“Shut up!” Karlea screamed, unable to control herself as she smashed him up against the wall again. 
“So meant to be one of us…” Armani grinned. 
Karlea stared at him and then slapped him hard across the face; he just looked at her and laughed before doing the same to her, giving her some resistance to see how she would react.  It hurt, but the rage still burned enough for her to turn back to Armani with an evil smile while looking him in the eye, and say sarcastically, “Ouch,” before lifting Armani by the shirt collar and throwing him across the room.