WeWrWa o2.1o.13

Welcome to the second Weekend Writing Warriors!

It is early and I am so not awake right now. I’ve been doing the sleep 3 or 4 hours a night all week and I am just beat as I write this. Classes started Monday and the first week is always the slow intro week, so I can’t really comment on it. I’m just trying to get back into the groove and discipline of classes while still trying to focus on everything else I’m doing. Plus the hubby was away at a business retreat for 4 days – yeah, I’m tired. Then friends flew in from snowy Rochester to visit last night. Yay! We haven’t seen anyone from back home in like a year and a half. Pretty crazy. It is so nice to see some familiar faces from back home!!!!

Needless to say, I still have not caught up on SSS/WeWriWa posts.   

So, on to Armani and Karlea. Armani saved her after almost killing her and last week he was trying to drag her into a room, of which Karlea can only think its so he can drink her dry, again. She has no idea…

sixsunday2Instead of pushing her into the room at the end of the corridor; a sex room where Armani usually killed his victims; he made a detour and pushed her into a small room that was more like a dungeon, the steel door echoing as it slammed shut. Armani twirled her around by her wrists, so she was facing him. He looked into her eyes, compelling her, “You need to rest now.”Karlea went to protest, but lost consciousness. Armani caught her in his arms and set her down on ground. He left the room locking the door behind him.When Karlea gained consciousness again, she had no idea how long she had been out for. She opened her eyes and slightly looked around; her throbbing headache making it difficult.

What’s worse being dead or being a prisoner? Will he kill her soon after holding her hostage? Is he going to turn her? What is she in for? I guess you will just have to stay tuned 🙂

Please comment, I love reading comments! And eventually I will get around to commenting on yours. Don’t worry, I am keeping tabs on all the posts I have to read. 

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You can find more great authors here and here. Have a great week!


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