Six Sentence Sunday o1.13.13

Six Sentence Sunday 12.o9.12

Only two more Sundays until SSS ends 😦
I will still be posting every Sunday as if it is still going on. I hope other sixers will, too!

This week totally sucked. I liked being home with all my kids on vacation way better. And I can tell by my older boys’ attitudes that they liked being home as a family, too, which usually they love going to school. The two weeks they were on vacation, I managed to accomplish a lot, which I thought I would get nothing done with everyone home. But I was disciplined and got up everyday between 4:30 and 5am to work before they got up. This week, I feel like I accomplished nothing other than getting my 5 year old registered for his brother’s school next year, and getting my hair cut (its shorter than I’ve had it in a long time, but still needs to be dyed; black & turquoise before I post pics). No writing, no Kickstarter…nothing. I had time to sit at a cafe this week, but just couldn’t focus at all.

So, I will just breathe and try to re-focus. And will start with this week’s six 😉
Picking right up from last week…where Armani had the stake pointed at her throat…
armanikarleaHe continued to drag the stake down, between her breasts and to her abdomen. He let it linger there before finally taking it away, and letting go of her hair. Armani heard her breathe relief, but moments later he had her gasping for air from the pain of the stake he had driven into her. He took her hand and carefully helped her to the floor, where she leaned against the wall, dying. He kneeled in front of her, slightly saddened by the sight of her dying, and put his head against hers and his arm around her for comfort as he pulled the stake from her side; tears falling down her face as he did. “I know how much it hurts,” he said as she buried her face into his shoulder. <—– He so must be getting off on this.

It really not looking good for Karlea’s life. Although, I bet she is relieved that she won’t have to deal with Armani anymore. She went to the club looking or Jake and got Death instead, but she knew how dangerous it was to go alone.

Don’t worry, there is still more next week 😉

Thanks for reading! And please comment, I love reading your comments!

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