Six Sentence Sunday 12.30.12

Its still 2012 and I still have a bunch of tasks to accomplish before its over, but I’m going to wish everyone a Happy New Year!!! Anyone doing anything exciting? 

Yule was a success – kids = happy, food = delish! And I have been having the best week with all of them home together. Not very relaxing, but it has been awesome!

I have been working really hard on setting up my Kickstarter campaign all week. It is almost done. Hopefully, soon after the new year, it will launch.

So as far as Karlea and Armani are concerned, we pick up their conversation right where we left off. In the last week’s snippet, Armani helped a very weak Karlea up from the floor as he continued to toy with her…

Armani smiled,”From what I read of your blood, only a vampire can satiate your sexual thirst; you make quite a lover to a vampire.

“What can I say, I have exceptional tastes.”

Armani laughed, “You’re fun when you’re dying.”

He raised his index and middle fingers and gently caressed her cheek with the back of them, noticing that her cheek was not as warm as it used to be. As he distracted her with his touch, he quickly grabbed onto her hair and yanked her head back, bringing the stake he had taken from her, from his pocket to her throat. He listened as her weak heart beat as fast as it could.


He just can’t stop. He wants to kill her so bad, but he likes her so much, and he admires her bravery – she’s not a human crying and begging for her life.

Thanks for reading! And please comment if you can! I love reading your comments, it helps me decide which way I should take this story. I have the rest (which isn’t very much) written one way, but I am currently thinking of expanding it into a different direction first. And I will always comment back and comment on your six! Please let me know if I don’t.

You can find more great authors here

Some of my favs are Christina DeFelice, Sarah Ballance, Mina Carter,Sue Ann Bowling, Silver James, S.E. Gilchrist, Laura Kaye, S.J. Maylee, Siobhan Muir, Gayle Ramage, Angela QuarlesEvelyn Jules,Kristal Baird, Karysa Faire, Pippa Jay, and Ryan Derham! I could list even more!

Enjoy New Year’s Eve and have a great first week of 2013!!!!!!!



  1. These two have a SERIOUS dynamic. Yowza!

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