Six Sentence Sunday

So, here are my Six Sentence Sundays. all at once.

Night takes over the city as Jake Masterson awakens. He verifies with the clock that it really is night and not the heavily draped windows playing a joke on him. He reaches for his shirt and jeans on the dark red carpet, putting them on quickly. He makes his way to the kitchen and to the refrigerator; he rearranges some containers of food and some fruits and vegetables from the front, so he can reach the back. He pulls out a crystal container and gets a wine glass, pouring himself a drink of what looks like red wine. After warming it up in the microwave, he gently swirls the liquid in the glass and then takes a sip, making a disgusted face – he still has a hard time choking it down even after all these years.

Jake sat at his computer desk typing his latest concert review for the magazine, trying very hard to ignore Vaughn, who was blowing up his phone with text messages, desperately trying to get Jake out for the night. Vaughn’s latest was a quickly shot video; Vaughn kissing a pretty young woman and pulling away, revealing his fangs before sinking them into the woman’s neck, making sure to let some of her blood spill down her shoulder. Jake threw down his phone in annoyance, and tried to type again. His phone vibrated once more, showing a message with photos “Lots of pretty ladies out tonight”. Jake can’t help but to scroll through the photos, one catching his eye; a young woman being served a drink by a beautiful female bartender. He pockets his phone and grabs his half empty wine glass; dumping the already cold blood into the sink.

Jake swiftly strolled through the crowded nightclub; his blood telling him where to find Vaughn. Jake found him sitting in a booth with a pretty human woman on each side of him, Vaughn’s face lit up when he saw Jake.
“I knew the photos and video would get you out here,” He said, “you have to live a little now that you’re back in Manhattan with me.”
“Yeah, well, it won’t be all the time, like it used to be.”
“Cindy and Jenna, this is Jake, and we have a rich history together.” Vaughn smiled.

Vaughn watched as Jake scanned the bar; the couple in front of them moving, so Jake had a clearer view. Jake finally sees the bartender from the photo and she is more beautiful to him in person.
She was in the photo I took earlier,” Vaughn said with a huge grin, “She’s the reason you came out tonight.”
She was in the middle of making a drink when she looked up and saw Jake watching her. She smiled and almost dropped the bottle of Jack Daniels Whiskey she was flipping into the air; the scare of almost not catching it snaps her out of her trance and back on the drink she was preparing. Jake studies her…


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